Emily has spent her life surround by a variety of animals. From dogs and cats, to lizards and ferrets, Emily has lived with and raised them all. In college she lived with a Savannah Monitor who lived mostly loose in the house. After college she fostered dogs for NYC Shiba Rescue, and enjoyed the company of her ferrets. Today she shares her home with cats in Somerset (Franklin) NJ and in her spare time helps her family back home, train their puppy.

Emily has great experience with all types of pets, from dogs and cats, to exotics. She also is very knowledgeable about their health, and nutritional needs.

Besides some part time work at her local library, she is working on her own business as a certified Genealogist. So Emily is lucky to have lots of time to devote to your pets. 

If you are interested in hiring Emily to help care for your pets, please contact us.