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Pet Massage with Janice Friedman

  • Yellow Dog Pet Supply 4 Race St Frenchtown, NJ 08825 (map)

Kindred Companion's is excited to be hosting  Pet Massage Therapist Janice Friedman. She will be offering mini massages as an introduction into the benefits for massage for your pet.

The sessions are 1/2 hr and cost $25. Sessions are on the hour, starting at 10am and the last session starting at 6. Please preregister by emailing Janice directly at or by stopping in Yellow Dog Pet Supply. Session fee is due at time of preregistration.

*Bring your pet's favorite blanket.



Massage considers and helps the entire animal, not just a targeted area that may be painful. Along with regular veterinary visits, massage is a proactive therapy that addresses future health issues and also helps with certain problems your pet may already be experiencing. Massage can be a helpful tool in maintaining the overall health, vigor and longevity of your pet.

Listed below are some benefits of massage therapy for your pet: 

• Reduces anxiety 

• Shortens healing time of strained muscles and sprained ligaments

• Aids in digestion

• Fosters a feeling of well-being 

• Reduces pain and swelling (including intervertabral, joint and muscle)

• Strengthens the immune system

• Reduces formation of excessive scar tissue which improves mobility

• Reduces muscle spasms

• Helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness

• Provides greater joint flexibility and increases range of motion

• Improves proprioception (the outside information feedback mechanism in the animal's body that helps with movement and balance)

• Stimulates liver and kidney functions

• Improves circulation of blood and movement of lymphatic fluids

• Promotes deeper and easier breathing

• Enhances the health and nourishment of the skin and coat


About Janice:

Janice is a resident of Frenchtown and a true animal lover. I grew up with dogs and

as an adult, my career forced me to travel and I decided to surround myself with cats 

as they are more self sufficient. I have volunteered at several shelters in New Jersey 

and Colorado as a feline socializer and have also volunteered at Greenwood Wildlife 

Sanctuary in Colorado to help rehabilitate birds, raccoons and other small animals.

I always wanted to help animals and contribute to their well being. I knew that I wanted 

to work around animals in some way and have looked for opportunities throughout 

my life to help animals. I heard about small animal massage very recently and began 

my formal training at the Northwest School of Animals Massage. I was certified for 

Maintenance Massage in 2013. My two cats are very happy, as are my sister’s dogs. I 

have worked several non profit events such as Strut Your Mutt in NYC to raise money 

for shelter organizations.

I am hoping to help people understand the role massage can play in enhancing and 

improving the general well being of their dogs and cats lives.



"Our ten year old siberian husky had double ACL surgery two years ago.  After he recuperated, he was still unable to come up the stairs to sleep with us. He would try several times before sadly giving up. We realized he was also showing signs of hip displasia.  His hips were stiff and he would bunny hop when he walked or ran. He also found it difficult to lay down comfortably. I took him to a chiropractor several times, but became discouraged when he did not exhibit any signs of relief in the weeks following those appointments.  I had heard about pet massage and was curious as to how it might help him. A friend told me that one of our local residents was a certified pet Massage Therapist.  After speaking with Janice, I felt this might be exactly what my dog needed.   Janice was enthusiastic and knowledgable about her work, giving me confidence that my dog could benefit from massage therapy.  Since my dog is very cautious around people, I was concerned that he would not be a willing candidate.  However, he proved me wrong as he quickly accepted Janice.  Now when Janice arrives, he jumps on the couch, lays down, and extends his paw to her. That amazes me and speaks volumes of the trust he has in her.  Since Janice has been working with him he has a spark of the devil in his eyes again. He can twirl around, he chases his brother more frequently, and surprises me every so often by coming upstairs and waking me up with a good morning kiss.  He has become a happy dog again and that is worth the world to me. I recommend Janice to anyone who is considering massage therapy for their pet."


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