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Garden State All Terrier Club Barn Hunt

  • Horseshoe Bend Park 178 Horseshoe Bend Rd Frenchtown, NJ, 08825 United States (map)

New to the Barn Hunt or never heard of it before? Barn Hunt is a growing sport honoring traditional terriers used as ratcatchers to rid barns and properties of vermin.

The sport tests a dog's instincts without placing any animals in harm. Come on out and have fun with your dog! Meet old friends and make new ones.

All dogs must be on a secure leash at all times no flexi/retractable leashes please.The sport is open to all dogs, pure or mixed breeds, not just terriers, over six months old.

Only dogs registered can participate but all spectators are welcome!

Come watch as dogs thrust through tunnels, climb stacked haybales, and navigate mazes to find the rat!  Watch their faces light up with glee, hear them scream with delight, see their owners grin with pride ...

This event has a 90 run limit. Premium is available at: