Feline Behavioral Counseling

Cat behaviors are easy to ignore... until you can't stand them anymore. Most owners don't realize there is help and solutions to their cat's behavior problems. When your cat exhibits aggression, fear, or anxiety, it puts a strain on your relationship. You feel helpless and frustrated. It's even worse when your cat is peeing all over your house. Eventually without help, these behaviors worsen until owners are ready to give up. But things don't have to get that bad, and even if they have, we can help.

Kindred Companions® - Feline Behavioral Counseling works in two ways:

First we address the human side of the situation. One of the hardest things to overcome for both pet and owner is broken trust and lost confidence. As the owner it is understandable to be frustrated and confused after your cat has acted out. You feel lost, helpless, and hurt. Perhaps even angry. We will help you to understand what is causing the behavior in your pet and give you the support you need to work through the situation.

The second way that we address the problem is through the pet. By implementing positive, motivating, and confidence-building methods, problem behaviors are corrected. We use a large range of methods including "Catification" (Environmental Management and Stimulation), Systematic Desensitization, Counter Conditioning, and Operant Conditioning.

We work hard, teaching and motivating both pet and owner to feel safe and happy again.

Using positive, motivating, and confidence-building methods, problem behaviors are corrected.

Why choose us to help you with your cat's behavioral problems?

Feline Behavioral Modification is a new and exciting field and our cat behavior specialist, Kathleen Banta has studied it all. Everything from hyperesthesia to how much cats communicate through their tails. Kathleen believes in behavior modification through clicker training, environmental management and positive reinforcement training. She believes cats are as trainable as dogs and the reward you get from it is just as wonderful. She strives to improve the relationship between cat and human so that a greater understanding and bond may be formed.

If your Cat is exhibiting any form of the behavior problems listed here, contact us immediately for help!

  • Cat on Human Aggression
  • Excessive Meowing
  • Demanding Behavior
  • Inappropriate Scratching
  • Redirected Aggression 
  • Litterbox Avoidance 
  • Cat Aggression with Other Pets  
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
  • Resource Guarding 
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Private Counseling Sessions

Behavior Counseling requires a commitment of both time and dedication. Results don't happen overnight. Practice is required between sessions. If problems occur, the pet's owner should contact us immediately.

Training starts with a consultation at the owners home. The consultation is usually 90 to 120 minutes. Following the consultation we may recommend additional training sessions. Training sessions will average 60 minutes and usually take place once or twice a week. Schedules are developed on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Feline Behavioral Counseling rates are as follows:
$90 consultation
$65 per session following the consultation
$45 per hour long Skype Session

Contact us today to schedule a consultation