Welcome to your new best friend!

Classes for your puppy or adult dog -  from basic manners, all the way to cgc and therapy dog!

Our Puppy, Adult and Advanced Skills classes set a new standard in pet training. All are held in public settings to leave your dog with the manners and skills you've always wanted.

Our Puppy and Adult classes will teach your dog all the important skills they need to be your beloved companion. Our Advanced class takes you farther, making your dog a welcomed member of the community and even the oppurtunity to be therapy dog.

Master the growlies!

Our growly dog classes are just the thing to help you with your dog's aggression, reactivity, or rude greeting problems.

Growly Dog classes are specially designed to create scenarios to modify your dogs behavior. If your dog lunges or barks at other dogs or people, is overly excitable when greeting others, or starts trouble when greeting other dogs, this class is for you!

*Prior to admittance in Growly Dog Class, all dogs must be privately evaluated by the instructor. 

Be a star!

Competition obedience, rally, agility, K9 Nosework, tricks, and more!


Want to do more with your dog? Our classes on competition sports, K9 Nosework, and tricks, starts you on a journey to a whole new experience with your dog.

The sky is the limit once you and your dog join the amazing work of dog sports. Want to start small? Try our tricks class. It's perfect for showing off at small family gatherings or increasing your therapy dog's repertoire.