Karen is a life long dog lover. She has always owned dogs, but became involved with dog training 14 years ago with her dog Patches, a female Boxer. Since then Karen has been involved in dog training with all her dogs including her present dogs, Max - a lab mix, Gunner - a Boxer, and Bleu - a Pit Bull. When Karen acquired Bleu, she decided to become involved in competitive obedience, rally, Nosework, and agility. Bleu is still a baby but has taken to training  like a sponge.

While training her dogs, Karen found immense joy in developing a bond with her dogs. She had worked previously with Molly while training Gunner. She decided to contact Molly again this time to help her with Bleu and at that time, finally decided to take her training to the next level.

Besides working on her own, Karen has worked side by side with Molly for some time and now is teaching classes and coaching solo. She is committed to broadening her knowledge, attending seminars and conferences, including Grisha Stewart's 5 Day Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructors Course, and earning the same certification's Molly has worked hard to earn. 

Besides training adult dogs, Karen also has a great passion for puppies, bully breeds and finding solutions for frustrated owners. She works tirelessly to solve owners problems while keeping their dogs happy and motivated. Challenging dog's and owners to reach the next step in their training is something that Karen excels at and you will be impressed with the progress you see in your dog when you work with her.

Karen teaches Kindred Companion's Puppy Foundations, Basic Obedience, and Advanced Obedience classes, as well as assisting in Growly Dog and other classes. She is also available for private coaching regarding puppy raising, pet manners, and advanced skills.