Performance Scent Dog

Sanctioned Nose Work Match


Special Guest Lecture

by Judge Stacy Barnett!


October 15th 2016


At Horseshoe Bend Park in Frenchtown, NJ


Start the day with a lecture on trial preparation and then get assistance directly from Stacy during our Novice Match.

This Match is the complete package!


Stacy will guide you through what she calls the "Secret Sauce" of Nosework Trial Preparation, based off of her Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation.  Following Stacy's mantra of CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION, SKILLS and STAMINA, you will get a guided tour for effectively laying a critical foundation that goes above and beyond standard skill training.  This lecture will be especially valuable for competitors who struggle with timid dogs or dogs who are a challenge to trial in new locations.


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About Stacy Barnett:

A New Jersey resident and popular online Nosework instructor at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, Stacy's own dogs are currently competing at the NACSW Elite and NW2 levels.  Her rescued Labrador Retriever has the distinction of being one of the top dogs in the country and the first Labrador Retriever to achieve ELT2.  She competes in a variety of Nosework venues including NACSW, UKC, SDDA as well as PSD, where she is also a judge.  With a degree in Chemical Engineering and a love for training minutia, Stacy has developed a strong understanding of scent theory and uses many tools and positive techniques to help her students build confident teams, regardless of the type of dog or level of experience.  In addition to her online instruction, classes and competition schedule, Stacy is also a popular Nosework blog author and national clinician.