Growly Dog

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Growly Dog


Does your dog bark, lunge or is afraid of other dogs or people? Does your dog resource guard food, toys, the car, or you? If your dog too friendly? Choking at the end of the leash to get at every dog? Then this class might be for you!
For dogs with mild dog aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, and over-excitability; around adults, children, and/or other dogs. This class teaches owners how to manage their dog's problems while addressing the behavior and working to change it. Owner must be able to control dog at all times and must have been previously evaluated by instructor, prior to joining class.
6 weeks - $180
Classes returning April 2017:

Tuesdays 6:30pm @ Horseshoe Bend Park in Kingwood NJ - Instructor: Molly Sumner

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