Early Essentials For Puppyhood - SOLD OUT

sold out

Early Essentials For Puppyhood - SOLD OUT


Chewing! Biting! Jumping! Accidents in the house! Destruction! CHAOS!!!
Say no more! No more chewed couches and pee spots. No more bite marks or messes. No more insanity. Instead, simply enjoy your puppy and watch them pup grow into the well behaved adult companion you look forward to. We’ll cover: basic obedience to get your pup focused and following your direction, problem solving to put an end to accidents, messes, biting and chewing, and problem prevention to ensure your pup grows into an adult dog you can truly enjoy - friendly, calm, and well behaved.
Wednesday class is for puppies up to 5 months of age. Friday class is for adolescent puppies up to 8 months. 
This class is a series with a set starting date. You must register and pay to reserve your spot.

6 weeks - $180
Classes available:
Wednesday 6:00pm, @Flemington Pet Valu-
Instructor: Melita Wright (Starting Dates - 6/28) SOLD OUT

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