Stacy with Judd, showing off their many Nosework awards. Good job Judd and Stacy!

Stacy with Judd, showing off their many Nosework awards. Good job Judd and Stacy!

Stacy Barnett - Nosework Instructor

Stacy Barnett lives in New Jersey with her rescued Labrador, Miniature American Shepherd and Standard Poodle. She's an active competitor in Nosework, Tracking, Obedience, Rally, Agility and Barn Hunt but Scent Sports are her primary focus and her first love. Stacy started her Labrador, Judd, in Nosework using the Operant Conditioning methods as taught by the Fenzi Academy.

Judd quickly sailed through NW1, NW2 and NW3. Stacy and Judd earned High In Trial for their first NW3, Second Overall for their 2nd NW3, and they are consistently in the ribbons. She and Judd are currently working towards NW3 Elite and are training at the Elite Division Level.

Stacy is a longtime FDSA student and trains her Nosework dogs using FDSA methods. She also trains with top local NACSW trainers and judges on a regular basis. This has given Stacy a solid understanding of Scent Theory and a very well rounded education with many tools in her toolbox. She prides herself in being able to bring creative solutions to build odor obedience, confidence, drive and motivation for the sport. 

One of Stacy's strengths in Nosework is trial preparation. She is able to evaluate the needs of the dog and develop a plan for setting the dog up for success. She's an experienced Nosework competitor and knows what it takes to succeed in this exciting sport.

Stacy loves helping others and her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. Even greater than her love for the sport is her love of teaching.  She prides herself on being a highly creative, enthusiastic and caring instructor, easily able to teach all levels of Nosework students.  Stacy loves seeing teams flourish in the sport and enjoy what has become an extremely popular outlet for all dogs.

Stacy also teaches Nosework at Fenzi Academy and is the owner of Scentsabilities Nosework.