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Here you'll find the expert, professional dog training and pet care services you are looking for. We are certified, experienced, and educated, specializing in pet behavior, training, and wellness care. 

In-Home Dog Training and Behavioral Counseling

Kindred Companions® specializes in training that will get you the results you are looking for. Now there is an end to all the behaviors your dog does that drive you crazy, like jumping up, pulling on leash, going to the bathroom in the house and even aggression.
Is your dog untrainable? Challenging dogs are our passion. The most stubborn, independent, aloof, unmotivated, no interest in pleasing, and selective hearing dogs, are our specialty!


It's not always your dog that needs help. Sometimes it's your cat that peeing in the house, your parrot that's screaming, or your guinea pig that's escaping. We don't just work with dogs. We are multi-species experts and are happy to help you with all your animal needs!

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