Supervised Separation

Supervised separation is part of the CGC test.  Every so often, life intervenes, and we need to leave our dogs with a trusted stranger while we attend to something else.  For example, you may need to use a public restroom, or you’d like to walk into the Starbucks to buy yourself a coffee.  Our dogs will need to feel secure enough that they can remain calm and well-mannered whilst being left with somebody else.

The test does not require your dog to maintain a particular position, and the test evaluator may talk to and pet your dog whilst you are gone.  However, they will not be paying excessive attention to your dog, and will not play with your dog while you are gone.  Your dog may not continually bark, whine or howl while you are out of sight, and you will need to be gone for 3 minutes to pass this test element. The evaluator may choose to terminate the test if she thinks your dog is excessively stressed by your absence, and you’ll be called back to ensure the comfort of your dog (you won't pass this test element).  Also, your dog may not pull on the leash, nor may he urinate or defecate during this portion of the test.

Download Supervised Separation PDF

Tori Peterson