Kindred Companions is moving! Well, Molly is moving… to pursue her dream of teaching the next generation of animal professionals. Therefore, Kindred Companions is going to take a break until Molly’s life gets settled. Current clients are welcome to contact her for continued remote training services. Prospective new remote clients, you are welcome to inquire via the contact us button, however we may be slow to reply.

Please be aware that we are no longer offering in-person training services. This may change in the future but exactly when is unknown. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause.

Kindred Companions® Dog Behavioral Counseling:

Remote Training

Personalized Training and Behavior Modification wherever you need us - and from the comfort of your PJs! (Who knew training could be so comfortable!?!)

What You Get:

  • One-on-one recorded video conference coaching with you, and your entire family.

  • Sessions flexible enough to reach any location and accommodate any schedule.

  • Video based observation, evaluation, and feedback of your dog's behavior and progress.

  • Positive, motivating, and confidence-building methods.

  • Written instructions for all techniques and exercises.

  • Email support through the entire training relationship.


A Perfect Fit If:

  • You are outside our service area.

  • We have already have a handle on the problem.

  • You like the comfort and flexibility of learning remotely.

Our Guarantee to You:

When working with living, breathing, thinking, and feeling individuals, it is unethical to guarantee training results. No one can guarantee the behavior of another living thing. We do guarantee that you will work with a highly experienced and certified instructor who will pass no judgment on you, or your dog. We promise to be always be motivated to help you reach your training goals. We will only ever use the most humane, modern, scientifically proven, and effective reward-based training methods to reach those goals. And we will always work hard to make training with us a positive experience for both you and your dog.



Why Choose Us? Because We Want You to Succeed!

Molly Sumridge, owner and head trainer of Kindred Companions is one of the most highly qualified behavioral counselors in the region. Molly is here to teach you and your dog the skills to bring relief from the behavioral problems you are facing. The rest of our staff have been hand-picked for their compassion, skills, and expertise. We want to make a difference in your pet's life.

The steps you'll take to reach your goals:

Remote Behavioral Counseling

We start with a review of your dogs behavior submitted via video shared through Google Drive or Dropbox. We then meet via Zoom Video Conferencing software for a 60 minute consultation. During the consultation we with review your dog's history, analyse your videos, and listen to your needs and goals. Then we’ll formulate a personalized plan, and start foundation exercises, behavior modification skills, and put a management plan in place to create immediate relief. This will include live instruction through video chat, and the sharing of pre-recorded instruction. Following the consultation our instructor will send you written instruction for all recommendations, techniques, and exercises. 

We may recommend additional remote sessions. Follow up remote sessions will average 60 minutes and usually take place once or twice a week. Schedules for follow ups are developed on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Remote Behavioral Counseling rates are as follows:
$150 consultation
$75 per remote session following the consultation

*These rates are ala carte. Let us know if you would like to request a package.

Behavior Counseling requires a commitment of both time and dedication. Results don't happen overnight. Practice is required between sessions. If problems occur, contact us immediately.