Here are the top questions we are regularly asked. We thought we would post them here so you don't have to wait for an answer. However regardless of the question, we are always happy to assist you and you can email us here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What training methods and tools do you use?

Kindred Companions trainers and behavior consultants all follow the ethical principles of LIMA - Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive. More information about LIMA can found on the IAABC website. We believe that this principle includes all involved including the animal, owner, family residing in the home, public, and even our trainers. This means that we only use the tools most appropriate for your pet's needs but also considering your ability to participate in the training, and keeping all humans, animals and the public safe. Almost all animals we work with are trained with primarily Positive Reinforcement type training. If we feel that this is not appropriate for your pet we will discuss other training options but we will never employ methods that inflict pain, fear or force on your pet.

What happens at a private training session with one of your trainers?

Our private training sessions vary to focus on the needs of the individual client and pet. Sessions usually take place in the owners home but can also talk place in public settings such as a local park, down town area, walking trails, or even vet or groomer's office. Sessions are designed to check in with the client to see where is currently and build progressively on the skills using whatever methods and techniques that work best in that circumstance.

What can I expect from group classes?

Our group classes are almost always taught in a public setting so that you and your pet can understand and apply training to an situation. Online Portal with written instructions, videos to come.

Do you train service dogs?

We do not expressly train service dogs. We do assist in the training of manners or tasked for disabled individuals who provide their own dogs. We do not certify service dogs. We will not assist individuals trying to pass of their dogs off as service dogs, for the purpose of airline travel, housing, or illegally taking their dog into "service dog only" establishments.

Do you work with other animals besides dogs?

We do! We have one behavior consultant on staff who specialises in cats and all of our trainers and behavior consultants are actively expanding their knowledge and skills be working with other species. Our staff has experience working with cats, parrots, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, horses, and even exotics! If you're interested in behavior services for any species, contact us and we'll be happy to help. And if we don't have the expertise to help you, we will help find someone who does.

Do you train kids, or spouses?

Unforutnately we are not licensed to do behavior modification with humans... but

Do you work with aggressive/fearful/hard to train dogs?

Yes, in fact our head trainer Molly Sumridge specializes in working with these kinds of dogs. It is a myth that trainers that use modern, science based training methods, do not work with the most aggressive, fearful or hard to train dogs. During any given week, 90% of the dogs' Molly sees have behavior problems that fit these labels. 

Who can be involved with training our dog?

Everyone! We are happy to, and even recommend the entire family be involved. We even suggest that your dog walker, pet sitter,