Introduction To Surviving Puppyhood

Welcome to your new Surviving Puppyhood online class. Here you will be able to find detailed written instructions and homework to go with each of your in-person classes. 

To get you started, below is a link to download a free copy of our Official Kindred Companions Training Manual to get you started. Please give it is once over before you attend your first class. We have also included some other freebies. You can access them at the bottom of this page.

Rules and important information regarding your first class:

  • Be on time. 
  • Have your puppy on a flat collar or harness. No choke, prong, e-collars, or retractable (flexi) leads in class. If you're transitioning off one of these tools, bring it to class along with the required class equipment and we will be happy to help you.
  • Poop bags - Every puppy's gotta poop!
  • Closed-toe shoes or sneakers - no sandals, flipflops, or heels. We don't want anyone falling on a puppy!
  • Bring LOTS of treats! 1-2 ziplock bags at least. However, if you run out, you can always purchase more from the store. 
  • Do not allow your puppy to greet or play with the other dogs in class until you're directed to by your instructor. This is highly important to ensure class flows properly and all puppies can pay proper attention.
  • There are no makeups for classes. Please refer here for the information you missed if you could not attend a class.

Once you have attended your first class, go ahead and click on the class title that corresponds with the class you just attended. At the top of each page, you will find handy links which will help you navigate to each particular lesson as well as the real world exercise for that week. Underneath each lesson will also be a link to a PDF version of the lesson/exercise for you to print out at your convenience. 

Please do not jump ahead in the lesson plans as each topic will be covered in class.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your instructor via email. They are always happy to help you.

Kindred Companions Official Training Manual

Freebie - Dr. Ian Dunbar's After You Get Your Puppy

Molly Sumridge