The Kindred Companions® Difference:


Our approach is simple. You want a well trained and cared for companion. Our goal is to give you just that and all the while; building confidence, and motivation; reducing stress; and increasing the bond between you and your pet.

Our staff has a well rounded education found no where else. They are professional, educated, and most of all experienced. Our trainers spend time working with all breeds of dogs, not just the "easy to train" or "smart breeds". Their passion for dogs even extends beyond the professional realm into rescue, humane education, competition, and therapy work.

But the thing that truly sets us apart is not just how we work with your pet, but how we work with you, the client. We strive to make dog training and pet care enjoyable for all involved. Because we can't forget who is at the other end of the leash - You! We pride ourselves on our empathy, teaching ability, and people skills. So remember, it's not just the pet's needs we are meeting, it's yours as well.

Ethics and Methods:

Kindred Companions® is dedicated to using only the most humane methods with your pet. Our techniques are designed to fit your pets personality and temperament, while still committing to never using fear, pain or intimidation in our training. 

We aren't interested in gimmicks and we know our client aren't either. All of our methods are backed by scientific studies and literature to ensure that at the end of the day, what you are paying for works and your pets are happy and healthy, in both mind and body.


Kindred Companions is passionate about it's training methods and how we work with your dog. Because we're so passionate about our methods, we chose to participate in the "World Dog Trainer's Motivation Transparency Challenge". Below is our video where Owner/Head Trainer, Molly Sumner, answers the following questions:

  1. What happens when my dog get's it right?
  2. What happens when my dog get's it wrong?
  3. Are their any less invasive training methods I could use?

Watch the video below to see Molly's answers: (cameos by Journey and Saga)


*Before you choose a dog trainer, be sure to carefully check to ensure that the trainer you will be working with, agrees with your ethics and the treatment you wish to have done to your dog. Dog training is an unregulated field and unfortunately the burden is on the consumer to make the right choice when it comes to finding a qualified, ethical and humane professional.