We Are Dog Trainers

We are dog trainers.

We are a special breed of people. We choose to give our lives to the benefit and betterment of a creature that chose to follow in mans footsteps and symbiotically evolve to be our companion.

We give our lives to be their voice. We are there to translate their needs to our fellow man and to heal the wounds of miscommunication.

We give our time and expertise to teach. To create a bridge of understanding between two worlds and two minds.  To solve conflicts and raise awareness. We create bonds and relationships that last lifetimes.

We give of our hearts to dogs who need a second chance or to be the one person in their corner to believe in them. To stay up at all hours to support and comfort, and to weep for them when we can do no more.

We give of ourselves to be guides. Shaping and changing lives through our work integrating dogs into the lives of those in need.  From a child who can read better, if just to a eagerly waiting dog, or a disabled person, given a new lease on life with a dog to support them every step of the way.

We are voices, we are healers, we are teachers, we are guides. We are dog trainers, and every day we touch, change, and better lives. We follow a calling that is rarely easy but tremendously rewarding if just for the opportunity to see joy on the faces of dogs and their people.

We may not all agree on the how, but we all agree on the why. Because dogs are animals like no other and deserve someone in their corner. Someone to be their voice. Someone to assist in a connection that was created thousands of years before.

So owners, before you scoff at the price of dog training, or judge the "crazy person" walking back and forth at the park, trying tirelessly to teach their dog to walk by their side, understand the depth and breathe that goes into the work we do. The education we strive to improve and the effort we put into being as clear and humane as possible, so both owner and dog are successful. We don't get paid to "play with dogs all day". We do get paid to work with dogs. We do the playing, and crying, for free.

And to all the dog trainers out there fighting tooth and nail over jargon, tools, and terms. We are all in this together. We all love dogs, or we wouldn't be doing this. Be your industry's best friend and teach by example. Reach out to each other. Find what you have in common and start there.  Network and mentor so that the next generation of trainers is even better than the last. We are not in competition with each other. There are more than enough dogs out there for everyone. The day no dog is euthanized for behavioral problems is the day we can start fighting over clients.  Love your dogs, love your clients, love your colleagues. Let's support each other, learn from each other and grow. We are all in this together.

For the love of dog.

Tracker - The dog who started it all for me.

Tracker - The dog who started it all for me.

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