A Dog's Day in Frenchtown

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Today we will be featuring our home town: Frenchtown NJ!

A Dog's Day in Frenchtown NJ

Frenchtown is a charming little town nestled behind cliffs and hillsides along the Delaware River, about 30 minutes north of Trenton. When you visit the town, you feel like you've crossed over into a hidden village, filled with shops, restaurants, and wooded escapes. Besides being charming to look at, shop and eat, it is a great destination for the canine traveler. 

Feeling like a bite to eat with your pooch? Eight of Frenchtown's fourteen restaurants have dog friendly outdoor seating. And if something interests you from one of the establishments that does not, they are happy to pack your food to go and you can enjoy it at one of the many seating areas around town. Some right along the river! If swimming is something your pup enjoys there is access to both shallow and deep parts of the river conveniently accessible from public parking lot along the river just south of the bridge to PA. If boating is your passion, there is a public boat launch just south of Frenchtown down Rt 29 in Kingwood Twp. Feeling like doing a little shopping? No problem! Most of the shops in Frenchtown LOVE dogs! Especially Yellow Dog Pet Supply (4 Race St) where you can shop for some yummy, goodies, supplies, toys or maybe some human-grade doggie ice cream.

If you're in the area looking for a hike or bike ride, you've come to the right place. The gravel tow path runs along the river all the way to Trenton. That's over 30 miles! For a more wooded stroll, the Frenchtown Preserve is just a short drive out of town on Horseshoe Bend Rd (off Kingwood Rd/Rt12 East out of Frenchtown) with plenty of parking! A few miles up from the Preserve is the Horseshoe Bend Dog Park - 7 acres completely fenced! The building adjacent to the dog park is frequently used for dog shows, competitions, and events.

So if visiting a sweet quaint town is on your to-do list this spring/summer, stop over in Frenchtown. Just make sure you make your trip Wednesday-Sunday as most of the business and restaurants are closed Monday & Tuesday. If you stop into Yellow Dog Pet Supply, be sure to tell them Molly's blog sent you!