If every parent watched just one video about dogs... make it this one!

Dogs and kids. There is no better picture of childhood...
Until you learn a startling statistic:

77% of ALL dog bites, come from the Family Dog or a Friend's Dog!

If you want to protect your children and create a joyous relationship between them and dogs, you need to watch this video: 

We're now realizing we have been sending the wrong message for some time now. It is not unfamiliar dogs that are a danger to our children. Instead it is fostering inappropriate relationships with dogs that do not take the dog's voice and feelings into consideration. In my article from April entitled "You'll think twice about taking your dog's photo after reading this..." many of the commenters were still stuck on the idea that dogs do like hugs. But the statistics don't lie. 

If you were moved by this video or interested in more information about helping children have safer relationships with dogs, visit stopthe77.com

We hope you visit, because their information and especially their body language video is top notch and a MUST WATCH! Hats off to the Family Dog for creating this program.