5 Reasons You Should Be Watching the SPARCS Conference

Today dog owners and dog training professionals are tweeting, and Facebook posting #SPARCS2015 all over their feeds. Those of us who couldn't attend (that being most of us) are huddles around our computers and phones, trying to catch every moment possible of the streaming content. Why? What is all the buzz about?

1.  This conference is like no other!

SPARCS stands for the "Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science". While there are dozens of dog trainer conferences and dog enthusiast events, no other conference puts the brightest minds and most ground breaking information in one place over three days and makes it accessible to the general public.

2. The top information NOW!

The internet has brought access of information to unimaginable levels. It has also brought scientific information into the hands of the average person. Yet for some reason... (ok let's be honest, its tv that is responsible but I digress) a lot of dog knowledge still seems muddled and left in the Stone Age.  Now with SPARCS, you have access to what is really going on and your participation by watching, means the right information is finally flowing to the masses.

3. It's FREE!

All live streaming this Friday through Sunday is free! No more excuses about the cost of a good education. Just click on the live broadcast at the top or the bottom of the page and listen via any device that can stream. You can even listen in your car via your phone!





4. Your dog deserves it!

With every year that passes canine health, behavior, and general knowledge grows in leaps and bounds. We learn better and better ways to care for them, communicate with each other, and enrich our lives together. If you won't watch it for you, watch for your dog. I promise you'll come away with something that will make you and your dog's life better.

5. You are supporting the future!

For centuries humans have ignored dogs as a scientific topic. We took them for granted. In the last decade, a significant catch up is taking place. The science that is being focused on dogs today is revolutionary! By participating in this initiative you are helping to pave the way for a more in-depth understanding of our canine friends. One that will change the way we live with and treat dogs forever. 



Visit the SPARCS Conference website and watch the live streaming. If you missed something you can purchase a membership and help grow the demand for good canine science.