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Your Ignorance is Showing

Assumption is present where empathy ends. To assume means you are looking inward at your own experiences and not at whatever you should be considering. In the case of a dog, to assume the reason for a behavior without observing it in some way and taking a history so that you can empathize and analyze is an exercise in willful ignorance. If labels and constructs are the first thing to come to mind when considering a quandary then your ignorance is showing. 

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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Motivated By Food

A common phrase that pet owners say about their dog is, “He’s not food motivated,” or “He doesn’t like treats.” Usually dogs earn this title during a training session when the owner tries to reward their pet for good behavior, and then the dog doesn’t take the treat. But if the dog truly had no food motivation, then he simply would not eat at all. However, there may be underlying reasons why he doesn’t want to work for that biscuit. 

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[Guest Blog] Moving My Dog Training Business – From Texas to New York

First of all, yes, you read that right. I moved across the country to a city I had never been to – not even visited. I had no connections in the area and certainly no referral sources set up yet. Thankfully, years of being active online meant I knew a thing or two about online marketing. 

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