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Dog Training

Kindred Companions® specializes in training that will get you the results you are looking for. No more being dragged down the street with a dislocated shoulder just to take your dog for a walk. No longer will your dog run off at every opportunity. Now there is an end to all the behaviors your dog does that drive you crazy, like jumping up and going to the bathroom in the house.

We don't just provide training... We provide solutions!

Muddy paw prints on your nice clean clothes? We can put an end to that problem!

Muddy paw prints on your nice clean clothes? We can put an end to that problem!

So what makes us so different? We train your dog in the environment you and your pet lives. Be it your home, the local park, or a busy downtown. No more training your pet in a quiet, sterile, building and then being stuck when it doesn't work at home. You dog learns it's life skills while practicing them in real life.

And before you say your dog is untrainable, you've come to the right place. Because challenging dogs are our passion. The most stubborn, independent, aloof, unmotivated, no interest in pleasing, and selective hearing dogs, are our specialty! So before you throw in the towel, give us a call.

Walks are fun, and nothing makes me more proud than being on a walk and watching Roxy use what Molly has taught us instead of being the crazy dog at the end of her leash (like all those other dogs!).
— Marissa Guerrino

Group Classes

Perfect for socialization and real life distractions. Our classes are held in real world environments. Classes are also a very affordable option for those looking to train their dog but cannot afford in-home training. All classes are kept small to allow for personal attention. Some classes are held outdoors so please dress appropriately and check for weather cancellations.

Loose leash walking class -Real world dog training with real world results!

Loose leash walking class -Real world dog training with real world results!

Molly has a very high level of integrity in all that she does. Her dedication to helping people, as well as their dogs, to understand & work together is a true gift to those she works with.
— Deborah Engisch-Platt, CMT, Point Pleasant, PA

Pet Sitting

We can't be home all the time and when we're gone, we want our pets to be given the best care.

Most pet sitters stop by do the basics and take off, leaving your pet feeling confused, stressed and alone. We take your pets health very seriously. And not just their physical health, but their emotional health as well.

When you have to be away please consider us, to look after your pet's entire well being!

Our pet sitters love to snuggle with our clients pets!

Our pet sitters love to snuggle with our clients pets!


Current Class Schedule:

in Flemington NJ

  • 10am Puppy Foundations - ongoing
  • 11am Basic Pet Obedience - ongoing
  • 12pm Advanced Pet Obedience - ongoing

in Frenchtown NJ

  • 3pm Growly Dog Class - ongoing
  • 4pm Growly Dogs Advanced Class - ongoing

in Frenchtown NJ

  • 6pm K9 Nosework - Beginners (New session starting soon!)

in Frenchtown NJ

  • 6pm Skills Class - Loose Leash Walking
    (Starting Oct 22)

in Frenchtown NJ

  • 6pm Empowered Puppy
    (New session Starting Oct 24th)
  • 7pm Tricks
    (New session Starting Oct 24th)

Visit our classes page for more information and to register.

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