A Dog's Day in Frenchtown

Frenchtown is a charming little town nestled behind cliffs and hillsides along the Delaware River, about 30 minutes north of Trenton. When you visit the town, you feel like you've crossed over into a hidden village, filled with shops, restaurants, and wooded escapes. Besides being charming to look at, shop and eat, it is a great destination for the canine traveler. 

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With great love for animals, can come great pain...

I was anguished with the question of how could someone who fought so hard for a fear free life for pets, could be so pained as to leave us... And then I am remembered of how the pain follows in the shadows stalking good people. The pain is a silent follower in the hearts of many of those also filled with love and understanding. With deep empathy, can also come great darkness...

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Filling the Cracks - Making Dog Training Better

I learned its because people love their dogs, their relationships with other dog enthusiasts, and they only know what they know. No one there was a bad or evil person. They were all passionate beautiful people with beautiful, life-loving dogs. I know every person there will weep when their dogs pass away. These people love their dogs, and they are doing the best they can with what they know. Give each other a break.

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Website Updates

A lot of new content is coming to Kindred Companions and to highlight it, we need to rearrange some of the website. All of your favorite pages are still there, just consolidated. The Classes are now under the Dog Training folder. These blog posts and news will also be arranged in a new place on our homepage. So check back often to see what new changes are coming!

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Going to BAT for Shiba Inus

shared from original post at http://www.kihakushibas.com/blog/2014/4/30/going-to-bat-for-shiba-inus

RECENTLY UPDATED - See update at the bottom.

Originally published in the National Shiba Club of America "Shiba E-News Magazine: December 2013"

"Shiba Inus as a breed, sometimes get the unfortunate reputation of having aggression issues. This reputation seems to be the case especially regarding aggression around other dogs. However, dog to dog aggression is something that can plague any dog, regardless of breed. It is my observation, that Shiba Inus do not have a genetic predisposition towards aggression but instead, grow up to have poor reactions around other dogs due to problems with upbringing, improper socialization and inappropriate training.

The vast majority of aggressive dogs are actually exhibiting fear based aggression. This aggression is generally referred to as “reactivity.” The reactive dog, when in the presence of something it feels is threatening, will choose to use its fight instinct rather than flight instinct. The dog chooses to growl, lunge, or to bite the threat rather than running away. It is important to note that most dogs find fighting to be dangerous and therefore are not choosing it because they want to, but rather because they feel trapped, helpless and threatened.

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Exciting News!! - Kindred Companions at Yellow Dog Pet Supply!!

Kindred Companions at Yellow Dog Pet Supply:
Same great store... with more to offer!

Kindred Companions is excited to announce that we are in the process of acquiring Yellow Dog Pet Supply in Frenchtown NJ. Effective June 4th there will be new faces along with some old faces. Don't worry! Janet Factor who we all know and love, will be staying on, but will be taking a step back. So you will see her from time to time, doing what she loves - talking about wonderful pet products and helping make the store look great.

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New look - Same great company!

Things look very different at kindredcompanions.com these days! We have redesigned our site for easier navigation, registration, news and access to information. We are still in the process of moving and adding information so we appreciate your patience as we make this transition.  Stay tuned and keep checking back... or better yet, sign up for our newsletter in the bottom corner of the page so you can always stay updated on everything happening at Kindred Companions.

The Kindred Companions staff thanks you for your continued support and hope you have a wonderful 2014!

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